Wow Factor Home Upgrades


Whether you’re looking to upgrade a recently purchased property, or if you’re looking to spruce up one that you plan to sell, there are several upgrades that will go a long way to really making your home shine. The best part is that many of them only require a little bit of money, time and elbow grease.


Who doesn’t love a nice bathroom? Bathrooms are a place to get great value, whether for your own personal use or when you’re looking to sell. Toilets are easy to swap out and are available with tons of different options. Maximize the space in a tiny bathroom by swapping an outdated larger toilet with a better fitting style. Upgrade the eco-friendliness (and minimize the water bill) by choosing an efficient low flow model. Fixtures are another great update you can make. Switch to low flow faucets and showerheads, this will update the style and efficiency all in one go. Speaking of showers, frameless glass is an awesome and relatively inexpensive way to make your bathroom look much bigger and more luxurious.

Lastly, give some thought to updating your mirror and vanity. Large mirrors that take up entire walls are a thing of the past. Replace them with a large round mirror and you’ve completely changed the look of your space. While you’re at it, decide whether your bathroom cabinets could use a coat of fresh paint. Refreshing dated pine cabinets with a fresh coat of modern grey can give a clean and airy feeling to any bathroom.


We all know that storage is usually on anyone’s list when looking at homes. A great way to upgrade your storage is to make sure you’ve got organizing systems in place that maximize the available space. A large walk in closet isn’t very useful without anywhere to fold or hang things, and a kitchen can go from good to great with well organized pantry shelving. When storage spaces already have a great organization system installed it checks another box on many buyers’ checklists.






Another super easy way to update any room is with lighting. New, modern fixtures can be had at great prices from places like Home Depot. They’re generally fairly easy to swap with existing fixtures and can instantly modernize a room. This goes for outdoor spaces as well – updating the front door or driveway lighting can have a huge impact.







There’s a lot of potential upgrades if you’ve got any kind of outdoor space on your property. At a bare minimum, make sure you’ve properly cared for any porches or decks by power washing, sealing and basic maintenance. A fresh coat of paint on a fence can make a backyard more inviting for only a few hours of work with a rented paint sprayer. Taking a few hours to landscape a plain front walk with seasonal flowers makes for an inviting welcome into your home. If you’ve got a lot of outdoor space but it isn’t well used, you might want to consider going to the expense of adding a patio or deck in order to get the most of a great property feature.

Whether or not you’re looking to put your home on the market, these are some great ideas to make your home more enjoyable today, as well as add value when the time comes to sell.