Simple Tips That Really Help Sell Your Home

When selling your home it can sometimes feel like you have to spend tons of time and money just to get it ready to go on the market. While upgrades can be an important part of getting top dollar for your property, there are also many small and simple ways to make an impact that don’t require a lot of time or money.

Here’s a list of my favorite simple tips when preparing to sell your home.


Cleaning your windows is an obvious must, but did you know that removing the screens will help give you a cleaner look that will impress potential buyers? Just stack the screens away neatly and put them back in the windows after the showings are completed.


When showing your home, remove all your personal care products and bathroom cleaning supplies. This ensures that even the smallest bathroom looks tidy and more spacious.


Make sure everything is off the floor and any under-bed storage is covered by a bedskirt. Grab a new neutral comforter from Target or HomeGoods to refresh the look of the room.

Think Simple

Start to consider simplifying your decor in even the smallest ways. Remove magnets from the refrigerator, start to refine the amount of decorative items on your shelves and make sure that any framed pieces on the walls are well dusted and that you don’t have too much hanging on the walls that might distract from the features of your home.

Filters and Vents

Be certain to replace air filters and clean any return vents before a showing. Buyers will pull them out and take a look, and this is an easy way to show you’ve taken care of your home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

This one might seem obvious, but some things are easy to overlook when you’ve been living in a property. Make sure that the interior and exterior of your home are clean and free of any dust or cobwebs hiding in hard to reach places. Things like fans, light fixtures and window sills collect dust and debris so make sure you’ve taken the time to clean them up.


Double check that your light fixtures all have working bulbs and that all the lightbulbs are the same color.  Warm colored bulbs are usually ideal for indoor spaces. You can quickly update dated old flood canister lighting with modern eyeball lights. They fit right into the casing and screw in just like a regular bulb, giving you an ultra modern look in minutes.

These tips won’t cost you much more than a few dollars and a couple of hours of your time, but can have a huge impact on potential buyers. My final tip to really sell your home is to find a realtor you trust who can assist you every step of the way. If you’re looking to sell your home we’d be honored to help you navigate this process!