Client Feature: Buying in Cameron Station


Our client Kara worked with us long distance to coordinate her purchase. She knew she wanted a property in Cameron Station and we were able to help her make that happen! We sat down with her to chat about her experience working with PG long distance, the ups and downs of moving as well as how she chose who to work with throughout this process!

When did you begin working with Podolsky Group?
Officially March 2018, but I met and started communicating with Aaron in 2015.

Was this your first experience with buying real estate?

Was there a particular deciding factor that made you want to buy in Cameron Station?
I liked the community.

Were there any ‘must have’ items on your list for your future home?
Size, location, garage

What is your least favorite part of buying?
Financial stress

What is your most favorite part of buying?
A sense of ownership

Do you have any advice for those looking to buy, especially those working with a realtor long distance?
I think it would be important to talk on the telephone or video chat. In person meetings even though brief provide a realtor direct insight into the buyers and what they are looking for.

Has anything surprised you about this process?
No, because we weren’t first time buyers

Any tips on how to make moving and adjusting to a new place easier?
I think choosing a good realtor can make a difference. They can help ease the stress of buying just by being experienced and help guide your expectations and also have the ability to respond to hiccups quickly.

How did you choose who to work with throughout this process?
We chose Aaron because we knew that we wanted to buy in Cameron Station and we knew he would be the best choice to represent us because of his experience. We were not disappointed and even grateful that we chose him as the process was in progress. Aaron provided great advice and options but never steered us just provided facts. He demonstrated his expert knowledge in several situations. We decided to change our lender because we got a better deal. He helped us research the new lender to ensure that the lender could deliver that great rate in time and not hold up the sale of the home. After we were under contract it was apparent to us that Aaron is very experienced and very good under pressure. We were very comfortable with working with him. He demonstrated professionalism, and ethics. We would definitely recommend him.